GOODS :: Featured products we love & use

All the goods we personally use, love and have featured are listed here. We do not list them unless we really love them. Full disclosure, we do make a teeny bit from every purchase, and those funds keep the Ventipop virtual doors open and my kid's dreams of attending college somewhat alive. So, please...order something from this page and tell your friends and family to tell their friends and families to do the same. Do not let my kids down.

The Quicksand Mat is the perfect beach blanket. Secure a sand-free surface for picnics, tailgates, camping & beach trips.

Our favorite movie is by far About Time. It isn't about time travel. It's a reminder of how you should live your life...every day.

Saddleback Leather goods are not cheap. But they are made to last a lifetime by some really good folks who believe in America and quality in craftsmanship and they also have a great sense of humor:

These Justick Boards do exactly what their name suggests. You don't need tape or tacks to hang up your kids favorite pieces of "artwork". Thanks to electricity...they "Justick". Get it? I have one in my hallway and it is really cool, really works and oftentimes a conversation starter.

From our friends at The Grommet comes an all-natural cleaner that saves you money and is 100 x more powerful than bleach. Meet Force of Nature cleaning system.

The simplest designs are always the best designs. Rinser is a toothbrush that eliminates the old dirty water cup next to the sink.

For the coffee snob/addict out there that wants their coffee at the exact, precise temperature. Ember...the coffee mug that does your coffee justice.

These Baby Nessie kitchen accessories are always a hit as a gift.

Hydaway is a pocket-sized water bottle that you can pancake and slip in your back pocket.

Idiocracy used to be a comedy, but it's become so creepily prophetic it's now more like a horror movie.


Stillhouse Moonshine in a stainless steel can is the perfect gift for the alcoholic/person in your life who seemingly has everything.

You can't really buy an Onak Canoe just yet. It's in Kickstarter mode and may not even be available in the U.S.A. once it is available, however we believe in featuring great products even if we can't make money off them.


Blue Mark Cologne by Jack Black (no, not that Jack Black) is the cologne of choice for Mr. Ventipop...Mrs. Ventipop likes it and it masks the smell of the Stillhouse Moonshine sweats.