I started Ventipop because I couldn't find a site I looked forward to reading everyday anymore. Getting on the web each day began to feel more like an excavation rather than an exploration. Over time, it became harder and harder to find positive news and uplifting articles.  Some major news sites have spaces dedicated to these stories, but it's work to find them.


I also detected a shift in tone. Apparently, snark sells. I hate snark. Love sarcasm...hate snark. I've also zero interest in celebrity gossip, political scandal or the criminal side of sports. I found myself down there in the mucky muck, grinding to find the stories I like. Stories about art and music and science; articles that made me laugh, cry and think. And then, I thought, I can't be the only one sick of all the negativity, biased, joyless, hate-filled "news" on nearly every site. "Facebook News" is not real news. So, I started Ventipop in May of 2016. I envisioned a small tight-knit community of forward-thinking readers who want to be well informed on all things going on in the world. The good outweighing the bad. Folks that need a laugh, sometimes a cry, but mostly folks that just need a positive place to go.

From everything I've read, starting a new blog is like writing in the dark. You're writing to yourself and for yourself. But I think that's a good thing. Helps me stay on message. The Ventipop family, so far, is a small one. But it's a loyal small one. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kind comments, emails and support. It wasn't my intention to create a support page this early in the process, but many of you have asked how to insure Ventipop continues grinding out the good, so here are all the ways you can support Ventipop. Whether you tell friends and family, click an ad or sign up to support Ventipop monthly on Patreon, it's all unbelievably appreciated.

Trenta Support - PATREON

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform popular with online content creators, musicians, and webcomic artists. It allows artists to obtain funding from their fans or patrons, on a recurring basis. This San Francisco based company was started by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam in 2013. Patreon has been featured in Forbes, Billboard, and Time magazine. For a quick take on the definition of Patreon, watch the video below.

Whoever pledges the most each month will receive the same thing my 7th grade girlfriend got for the duration of our month long love affair in middle school...a mixtape of Ventipop's favorite songs that month (minus the mushy poems and ink hearts in the margins).


PayPal allows fans to pledge a donation in any amount they choose, but you should be aware the limit is $10,000 per donation. The Ventipop Coffee Shop is filled with goods, books and artists we've previously featured. By shopping on this page, Ventipop makes a small amount via affiliate marketing for every item purchased.

Grande SUPPORT - Shop Amazon, Click Ads & Join Mailing list

While reading Ventipop, anytime you see an ad, click that sumbitch. We make a little and it steps up our Google profile. If you click any of the Amazon ads, you will navigate to Amazon.com. From that point forward, any purchases you make via Amazon allows Ventipop to make a little from that purchase...so you're putting some of Jeff Bezos money in Ventipop's pocket. Thanks!

Also, it seems like a small thing, but please join our Daily Cup :: Ventipop Readers mailing list. We are against any type pollution, but especially inbox pollution. We only send updates about things we know you'll want to know about.

tall SUPPORT - facebook, twitter, spotify, friends & family

Even the smallest means of support mean so much. Please, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and tell your friends and family all about Ventipop. I have no marketing budget so you are my Sterling Cooper Draper Price.