Weekend Espresso :: Saturday Edition

Grab a smaller mug today. It's our bite-sized mini-grind we've dubbed our Weekend Espresso. We never like to leave you on your own for too long unsupervised...even on the weekends. Here are 5 quick hitters for you to wake up to.

Have you ever been freaked out by Facebook's secret friend-recommendation formula? Suddenly, the name of a girl or a guy you had a crush on in third grade is in your Facebook suggested friends list. How do they know? Creepy. Now, imagine you're a Psychiatrist and Facebook started recommending your patients follow one another. That's even more creepy.

Can you guess who this guy to the right is? Bet you can't. I'll give a hint: That Happy Little Hair atop his head was naturally straight!

Meet the 16-year-old British girl who made nearly $55,000 helping Chinese people name their babies. (I made a lot of really dumb life choices.)

A four-year-old boy in Canada asked for a weird cake...and he got it.

Looks Delish.

Looks Delish.

These things are going to sell like...well, probably like beer mugs that won't block your view while watching TV. We are a bunch of spoiled bastards.