Weekend Espresso :: Losers, Winners and River Rat Burgers

Time for another bite-sized edition of the Grind we like to call the Weekend Espresso. Here's hoping you and yours are all having a great 48 hours of down time. Enjoy.


A Gift For the "Losers" in Our Lives

Tile Mates help you locate all that stuff in your couch.

Bon Apetit, You're River Rat Burger Is Served

The River Rat has become a popular protein in Moscow. I hear it tastes like chicken.

The Jokes On Him

This wife's coyote trick on her husband is grounds for divorce. (Adult Language)

Cute puppy.

Cute puppy.

The Worst Commercial Ever Made?

A New Hope

The BBC has confirmed the first three episodes of Planet Earth II has brought in more viewers in the 16 to 35 age demographic than reality TV show The X Factor.


I've actually thought about this before. What if you bought every possible number combination i in the lottery? This Atlantic article actually put some thought into whether or not it would be profitable...or even possible.

...The Last Drop

Once you win all that lotto money, you're going to need to figure out how to hide it. This article may help with that: "How To Hide $400 Million".