We Are The Champions...Of The Weird (Grind #152)

Grind 152.jpg

A Swede arrives at a Finn’s house with a litre bottle of vodka. The Finn silently lets him into the dining room where the Swede sits at the table with the bottle.
Not a word is spoken.
The Finn goes off and returns with two vodka glasses. The Swede fills the two glasses with the vodka, and they begin to drink.
Not a word is spoken.
After much silence and a half-empty bottle, the Swede ventures a comment: “Good vodka, this, heh?”.
At this, the Finn slaps the Swede across the face and shouts:
“Did you come here to talk or to drink?”

...The Last Drop

A small town called Willaston in Cheshire is host to The World Worm Charming Championships. The rules are simple; Competitors are each allotted a 3 x 3 metre plot and given thirty minutes to charm the slimy creatures topside.