Vintage Ventipop (#5)

Ventipop is on vacation and will return soon.

Please enjoy a few of these favorite things from past Ventipop Posts until I get back.

Vintage Ventipop

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1. NOT A TED Talk - Are you a Thought Leader?  Or maybe, you've been influenced by a Thought Leader.  Enjoy:

2. Architecture & Design - The world's first free-form-3D printed house is gorgeous.


3. #MeToo - If I were a woman, I think I'd be offended by Pinkwashing.

4. Elusive Capybaras - The Toronto Zoo can't catch Bonnie and Clyde.  Read this entire article.  It's so ridiculous how elusive a capybaras can be.

5. Obligatory Coffee Link of the Day - Check out this artist that likes to draw pictures on top of coffee foam.