Vintage Ventipop (#11)

:: Ventipop will return Monday, July 30 ::

Please enjoy a few of these favorite things from past Ventipop Posts until I get back.

“First the doctor told me the good news: I was going to have a disease named after me.”
— Steve Martin

Vintage Ventipop

I write about culture and books and indie music and and whatever else strikes my fancy. I'm primarily interested in the finding positive stories from around the world. Ventipop is my coping mechanism; a way to make myself believe the world is still a pretty cool place. If you like Ventipop and would like to keep it going, please consider buying me a cup of coffee or donating something larger via the PayPal link at the bottom. Cheers!

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1. Feel - One of my favorite videos ever featured on Ventipop:

2. Art - Artist Kevin Peterson creates scenes with oil paints that look more like pictures of kids walking through a surreal and un-fairytale-like landscape:


3. Feel - Steve Hartman's simple story of a girl and her duck:


4. Feel - "The man who lost his voice was a gentle man who didn’t ask terribly much of life." A nice story by the New York Times. 

5. Old Spin, New Record - The making of vinyl records is an art form. I love this video detailing the allure, the production process and the resurgence of vinyl records. Gotta Groove Records will play us out of Today's Vintage Grind: