Vintage Ventipop (#10)

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Please enjoy a few of these favorite things from past Ventipop Posts until I get back.

Vintage Ventipop

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1. Movies - About Time is my all-time favorite Feel Good Movie. It lingers in your mind and serves as a constant reminder to live each day, each moment to its fullest. Here's a list of Feel Good movies some of which I'd never heard of. Email me your best feel good movies?

2. Manners & Etiquette -  Want to be liked more? Ask people to finish their stories.

3. Feel - Renew your faith in humanity by learning about a Dutch retirement home where the young and the old live side-by-side:


4. Science - Big deep Exhaaaaale. There's scientific proof the movie Idiocracy is not becoming reality and stupid people are not having more kids than the educated. Whew!

5. Old New Song of the Day - Kenny Anderson, known primarily by his stage name King Creosote, is an independent singer-songwriter from Fife, Scotland. To date, Anderson has released over forty albums, with his latest, From Scotland with Love, released in 2014. Creosote's 2016 album which includes You Just Want is titled "Astronaut Meets Appleman".