Ventipop #232 :: Twitterific…The Best Christmas Tweets & Happy New Year



Here are a few of my favorite twitter posts from Christmas. from a 3-year-old david byrne aficionado to MY New Favorite Baseball Player to THE Best Brother and Father Around. Enjoy This Weeks Edition.

Burning Down The House


Her Favourite Holiday Pastime


Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal


Rock N Roll


First Class Father

Christmas is usually a time for family - and for one father in the United States, this meant booking multiple flights across the country so that he could spend time with his flight attendant daughter. Pierce Vaughn, an air stewardess on Delta Air Lines, had to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so her father, Hal Vaughn, decided to join her on her flights, UPI news agency reported. Their story was revealed by Mike Levy, a passenger on board one of those flights, who took a photo of father and daughter.

Screenshot 2018-12-27 20.38.24.png

Let’s stay home and play old records
Our future’s bright, the past is checkered
What do you say we lift a glass
Toast the ghost of another year past
— Over The Rhine, "New Year's Song"

As Long As You Believe in Santa…


Paid In Full


Not A Creature Was Stirring


Rookie of the Year in December


Get Carter


“I Really Miss My Dog”


Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine


…And To All A Good Night


A Long December and there’s reason to believe...maybe this year will be better than the last.
— Counting Crows

Thanks so much for being a Ventipop reader. Grace and love to you and yours in the new year.