Venti Shots / 20 Things Today / Issue No. 119

  1. Remembering Happy Memories can shut down your Body' Stress Response.
  2. And if the thought of flying triggers your Stress Response, consider routing through the Cincinnati Airport so you can pet Mini Therapy Horses.
  3. American Revolutionaries realized Democracy Needs Politeness.
  4. The Best 5 Podcasts You've Never Heard.
  5. Meet the voice of ESPN's SportsCenter.
  6. What's old is new again as a Roseanne reboot has the greenlight from ABC.
  7. Envelope gate be damned! Jimmy Kimmel will return to host the Oscars in 2018.
  8. If the Bro Romper is the next big thing in men's fashion, I may join a nudist colony.
  9. Here's another fashion trend for the birds...Feathering Your Eyebrows.
  10. Teens show off hilarious photos of prom dresses they bought online and tremendously regret.
  11. Regular Venti readers know I have an infatuation for all the weird things Japanese culture embraces. For instance, now late sleepers in Japan can ditch their annoying alarm clocks and ask for a wake-up call from a real Japanese Fisherman every morning.
  12. I have renewed faith in humanity. General Mills has announced a box of Lucky Charms full of nothing but marshmallows
  13. Just in time for summer, Chick-Fil-A introduces two new menu items: the Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich & Watermelon-Mint Lemonade.
  14. Special Delivery: A pizza delivery man risked life and limb to get pizzas to some stranded Amtrak riders.
  15. Fidget Cubes, Fidget Spinners and now...Mokuru.
  16. Take the Pledge To Be Kind.
  17. Swedish Scientists are using breast milk to cure cancer.
  18. For the first time in Asia, eating dogs has been banned in Taiwan.
  19. Toyota crashed a 1998 Toyota into a 2015 Toyota to show just how far car safety has progressed in twenty years:

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