Venti Shots / 20 Good Things Today / Issue No. 125

The dust and silence of the upper shelf.
— Bob Macaulay


  1. A group of leading Publishing, Information, Software and other businesses unveiled an organized effort this past week to advocate for federal library funding. The move comes in response to the Trump administration's proposal to eliminate virtually all federal library funding, and the agency that distributes those funds to all 50 states.
  2. Affirmation: A couple's restaurant bill was paid by complete strangers.
  3. Henry David Thoreau's Walden has been adapted into a video game.
  4. Stanford researchers completed a study where students were taught a new way to prepare for exams. Students in control group A were asked to study for an exam in the traditional way while control group B prepared in a new way. Control group B students scored on average a third of a letter grade higher.
  5. “I pay tribute to my father every day,” Hiroe Tanaka, 46, says in an interview. “It all happened because of the recipe.
  6. Librairie Mollat, France's first independent bookstore, has had a lot of successes over their 121-year history, but Book Face might be the most unexpected one.
  7. Stolen wind chime...tearjerker note.
  8. Harry Potter fans know every character in the books. But what about the 7 Characters that didn't make the cut?
  9. Welcome to the Dollhouse. A case of vandalism gets a happy ending.
  10. A Dallas bookstore is luring readers to read classic titles by a tactic they're calling: LitBait.
  11. Like your cars beige instead of bright red? Enjoy collecting hub caps or talking about duck ponds? If so, you may be a candidate to join The Dull Men's Club.
  12. Global Goodwill Ambassador, and sometimes famous author, Neil Gaiman will perform a public reading for charity if fans can raise $500K for charity before World Refugee Day on June 20. But he won't be reading any of his works. Instead, he'll read the entire Cheesecake Factory menu.
  13. Rolling Stone Magazine and The Outsiders both recently turned 50.
  14. A Homeless Man who rushed to help Manchester victims is given a home.
  15. Follow along with Road Trip Guy as he attempts his most ambition trip yet; traveling across Europe while raising money for 12 different charities.
  16. The Raven was almost 'Nevermore' as Edgar Allen Poe nearly nixed said bird and went with 'The Parrot'. Not Kidding.
  17. If you're a comic and graphic novel fan, you should nominate your favorites on this NPR Poll.
  18. Alternatives to social media online.
  19. Affirmation: This was not in the Paramedic Training Guide.