Venti Shots / 20 Good Things Today / Issue No. 133

When people are thinking, we are quite inventive animals.
— Andre Geim

20 Good Things Today include stories on Sex and Baseball / Inventive Thinking Around the Globe / The Ant and the Grassphopper 

  1. June is Casual Sex Month...
  2. ...So, by all means, go ahead and have sex in my AIRBNB.
  3. Baseball has been played in the United States since the 1850's but here are 15 Things that Still Have Never Occurred in a Game.
  4. Speaking of baseball, after 141 years, MLB finally selected an official hot dog.
  5. We always hear when a professional athlete does something wrong, however they do good as well. Professional hockey player, Patrick Keane, gave up his first-class seat on an airplane to a soldier and NFL star, Rob Gronkowski, donated $70K to Boston Public Schools for female sporting equipment.
  6. Ethiopa figured out a way to beat exam cheaters...shut off the country's internet.
  7. Apparently, Iceland really likes Costco.
  8. How to design a mattress for dogs.
  9. Warby Parker's new app checks your vision and writes a prescription without a trip to the doctor.
  10. Mussel Gloop Glue heals wounds and makes scars a thing of the past.
  11. Givaudan is a Swiss Company that makes pretty much everything you eat or smell.
  12. What are those colored circles on food packages?
  13. Germany recently opened the World's First "Acoustically Perfect" Concert Hall.
  14. Microsoft has built "The Quietest Place On Earth".
  15. Have you ever noticed Target stores do not play music?
  16. Even the art of stain-glassed window making is getting an overhaul with a new process called Fused Glass.
  17. A man in Rjukan Norway build a giant mirror atop the town to catch sunlight
  18. Lick sore muscles with a Paincake. (NOT a typo)
  19. Women are on the verge of revolutionizing the Champagne Industry.

The 20 Spot / The Ant and the Grasshopper