Twitter-Free, Embrace Absurdity & New Music Friday :: Daily Grind #158

Distracted from distraction by distraction
— T.S. Eliot

My Twitter account got deleted yesterday for 11 magical minutes and it was the most peace and quiet I've had since the birth of my son in 2007. Oh, glorious silence! I think I'd enjoy solitary confinement for a month before it started bothering me. But alas, the world is a noisy place and most of us would go crazy without engaging in the conversation. And by "engaging in the conversation" I absolutely mean screaming the loudest, cursing out a stranger on Twitter, using the biggest font or liking a picture of food on Facebook. Evolution at its finest. I'm telling you, Ventipop keeps me sane. (People that know me well would say that's subjective.) Enjoy this Friday edition of the Grind.


10 Good Things Today

Texting in the 1980's

Texting in the 1980's

Rogue One - A bitter Twitter employee deactivated President He Who Must Not Be Named's Twitter Account last night. I have a conspiracy theory:

Embrace Absurdity - SNL's Co-Head Writer has mastered the art of brainstorming in three easy tips.

Weekend Watch - This weekend my kids and I will be banging out a few more episodes of Stranger Things (available on Netflix) and I'm personally watching Chance starring Hugh Laurie and the excellent Ethan Suplee on Hulu.

Mental Yoga Read - Music is not for ears. We never just hear music. Our experience of it is saturated in cultural expectations, personal memory and the need to move

Good of the Day - The Sock Dock is another one of those "smack yourself on the forehead why didn't I think of that?!" inventions.

Misfit Produce & Blind Book Dates - These stores aim to impress and change the way you shop with some rad creativity...and I really hate the word rad.

"The Blackout" by U2 - new single out today. New album Songs of Experience is out Dec. 1

New Music for Friday, November 3 - Sam Smith, Natalie Merchant, Pinegrove, Maroon 5, Bob Dylan, Blake Shelton, Kid Rock, Converge, Grace VanderWaal, Stereophonics, Kelsea Ballerini, Vance Joy, The Shook Twins, Great Lake Swimmers, Raccoon Raccoon and Ron Gallo.

Weekend Read - TV Critic Alan Sepinwall breaks down my favorite show of all-time, Breaking Bad in his newest book(let) Breaking Bad 101: The Complete Critical Companion.

Sports Illustrated's prediction of the Houston Astros winning the 2017 World Series way back in 2014 is amazing (they even had the MVP on the cover!), but the story of Evan Gattis, janitor to World Series Champion in 10 years is even crazier.

Back at ya in 48. Have a great one, Sunshine.