The Boston Globe: We Know What Will Happen Next

The Boston Globe devotes most of its front page today to a bleak commentary by columnist Nestor Ramos headlined "We Know What Will Happen Next." The subhead of the piece reads, "Parkland. Las Vegas. Sutherland Springs. Newtown. On and on: In America, mass shootings have become so familiar that they seem to follow the same sad script." Ramos then runs through that script. His commentary begins,

He will be a man, or maybe still a boy.

He will have a semiautomatic rifle--an AR-15, or something like it--and several high-capacity magazines filled with ammunition.

The weapon will have been purchased legally, the background check no obstacle.

He will walk into a school, or a concert, or an office building.

And he will open fire into a crowd of innocents.

Further down in the piece Ramos writes, "Any promises will be broken. Beyond the shattered orbit of the school or church or concert that became a shooting gallery, the whole thing will recede too soon into memory. And then it will all happen again."

Read the whole commentary here.

On Twitter, Ramos added a brief side commentary about his commentary: "I hope I'm wrong. Prove me wrong. Please."


After every mass shooting, like we're trapped in a horrific endless Groundhog Day loop, I post this link. This time it's a deadly attack inside a school in Florida. It's probably still not the time to talk about common sense gun control laws, right? All those thoughts and prayers don't seem to be helping prevent this shit though. Once again, here's an excellent summation by Stephen King detailing the mass shooting process in this country which was written back in 2013, but sadly, is still just as accurate and relevant today four years later. Guns by Stephen King.