The Best Thing I Saw Yesterday

A Film About Persistence

People recommend a lot of stuff for me to post on Venti. And while that's a very good thing, between social media, newsletters, reader email and word of mouth, I spend my days wading through a lot of really great recommendations. So many in fact, only a very small percentage actually make it onto Ventipop. After all, as Dave Pell over at NextDraft says, "I am the algorithm". Just me. But here's the best thing I saw yesterday.

Jayson Sime and Brendan Leonard, two life-long friends, of supposed sound mind and body and free will, signed up for a 100-mile-ultramarathon called Run Rabbit Run in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In the span of two years, this film tells the story of their touching friendship, extreme human persistence and what it takes to go from not being runners at all to running 100 miles in a row.


...The Best Thing I Saw Yesterday: 

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