The Best Thing I Saw Yesterday

Athletes. Comic Book Characters. Movie Stars. Even Singers.

We routinely hail these people as "our heroes" when asked about role models. 


Not that often.

But if you were an avid reader from a young age, writers are very often the very people that shape you, protect you, shield you, embolden you and define you.

The best thing I saw yesterday was Amanda Palmer's striking video paying tribute to author Judy Blume with "a last-minute, very locally-supported (THANK YOU NEW ORLEANS!) video-homage-birthday-card". Ms. Blume turned 80 yesterday.

Amanda Palmer "Judy Blume"

Amanda also wrote a Huffpo essay called "Why Judy Blume Matters". Here's a snippet of the article:

"We live in interesting times. Women are currently scaring the bejesus out of people by doing something very non-dramatic and mundane: Telling It Like It Is. You wouldn’t think that would be so threatening. And yet, women in this culture are insidiously stalked by two questions: “Is it just me?” which is always closely followed by her dark twin sister “Wait am I crazy?” All day and night, everywhere you work, play, drink and have sex, you wonder: Is it just me? Wait am I crazy? You just don’t know unless someone else tells you how it is. Lately, all around the world, women are starting to compare notes and realize that wait, no, it isn’t just us! No, we aren’t crazy! It’s a massive relief, to be honest. We thought maybe we were crazy." - Read the full article

The video is jarring, emotional, honest and awesome. Why don't more authors get the recognition they most certainly deserve for the positive influences in our lives?

Thanks, Amanda.


...The Best Thing I Saw Yesterday: 


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