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The Beatles on Halloween :: Daily Grind #155

It's Tuesday and I'm both looking forward to taking the yahoos trick or treating and dreading walking for two hours in the cold. But hey, that's parenthood. Just like the folks of yore, I'm browsing my Twitter feed to see what's going on in the world. I'll let you decipher the broader meanings, but here are a few headlines: Fictional President held to a higher standard than actual President, Bon Jovi leads the fan vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nomination, Tiger Woods announces retirement (I also am retired from professional golf) and apparently there are 10 Things I Must Do NOW to Get Ready for Christmas or my family will have a really shitty Christmas. I'm so intimidated by those lists! 


10 Scary Good Things Today

Laugh. Think. Be Scared. Daily.

Laugh. Think. Be Scared. Daily.

  • Ghosted - Can you spot the ghost among the skeletons?
  • We Want Candy - A definitive list of Halloween candy ranked #16 - #1
  • Scare Tactics - Why do we love to be scared? 
  • Freebies For Halloween - Freeby means something different to kids and adults. For kids, it's candy. For adults, it's...entrees. (Get your mind out of the gutter)
  • Watch of the Week - I don't know if you've heard but there's a new show on Netflix that's the perfect Halloween treat. No, I'm not talking about the second season of Stranger Things. I'm talking about Mindhunter. David Fincher's latest project is about the early days of behavioral profiling as FBI agents interview serial killers to better understand their thinking. The acting, script and science of it all is the most entertaining thing I've watched on tv this year and much scarier than anything those kids find in the Upside Down.

It got to the point where I said to him, ‘If you play that bloody song any longer I’ll have the piano taken off stage. Either finish it or give it up!
— Richard Lester, Director during the Beatles recording session of 'Yesterday'

Tuesday Balladry - "Yesterday" by The Beatles is the most covered and replayed song in the history of the world and therefore is the most well-known ballad ever recorded. Paul McCartney claims the song's melody came to him in a dream, but it took months after for him to come up with the lyrics. Between the dream and the lyrics, 'Yesterday' was referred to as 'The Scrambled Eggs Song' because the placeholder lyric went like this, "Scrambled eggs, oh, my baby, how I love your legs…".

After my unsuccessful murder I wasn’t unhappy for an entire year.
— Tim Kreider, from 'We Learn Nothing'

Book of the Day - "We Learn Nothing: Essays" by Tim Kreider

Tim Kreider’s writing is heartbreaking, brutal and hilarious—usually at the same time. He can do in a few pages what I need several hours of screen time and tens of millions to accomplish. And he does it better. Come to think of it, I’d rather not do a blurb. I am beginning to feel bad about myself.
— Judd Apatow

Amazing . . . Any thinking person with a sense of humor will find We Learn Nothing provocative and delightful, reminiscent, in varying ways, of David Foster Wallace, James Thurber, David Sedaris, and Susan Sontag.
— Jennifer Finney Boylan, author of She's Not There

We Learn Nothing articulated, for me, more human truths than any book in recent memory. When you’re done with it, it almost feels like finishing a textbook: you actually feel like you understand how things work a little better.
— Publisher's Weekly

Whether he is expressing himself in highly original cartoons that are hilarious visual poems, or in prose that exposes our self-delusions by the way he probes his own experience with candor, Tim Kreider is a writer-artist who brilliantly understands that every humorist at his best is a liberator. Because he is irreverent, makes us laugh, ruffles the feathers of the pretentious and the pompous, and keeps us honest, We Learn Nothing is a pleasure from its first page to the last.
— Charles Johnson bestselling author of Middle Passage
We Learn Nothing: Essays
By Tim Kreider

  • I Made This - Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Bars are pretty good...6.5 out of 10. Kids gave them an 11.
  • Horror Story - The true, twisted story of The Amityville Horror
  • "Halloween and Yoda" by Clinton Jackson: