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There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.
— Leo Tolstoy

Your Daily Cup of Culture...

The internet is a big place full of over reactions, gossip, junk and stories about He Who Must Not Be Named. It's a bizarro inaccurate reflection of the world. (Or at least I sincerely hope it is.) Ventipop is my way of convincing myself the world is still generally a pretty cool place. I dig through the muck to find the good, interesting stuff not just in America...but everywhere. I've discovered along the way others who are also more hopeful than disgruntled and enjoy the things I find. That's really cool. Thanks for being a part of this. Here's The 20 things I found worth sharing on the internet today.

Nobody puts baby in a corner.
— Dirty Dancing, 1987 (#98 on AFI'S 100 Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time)

1. Angry Weatherman - It's April 16th and I'm looking out my window at snow. So, yeah, I blame the weatherman too:

2. There's a Blog for That - I have a slight addiction to pens as well so I completely empathize and am a fan of The Pen Addict.

3. Technology & the Obligatory Coffee Link of the Day - How a Seattle startup is using blockchain and virtual reality to upend the global coffee market (This story makes me both thirsty and scared of innovation)

4. Food Crazy - Why Are Bananas, Nuts, and Crackers the Only Foods That Say 'Crazy'?

5. TV - My favorite tv shows currently airing: Barry on HBO, The Terror on AMC, Silicon Valley on HBO, Killing Eve on BBC America, Atlanta on FX and The Joel McHale Show starring Joel McHale on Netflix. (Sidenote: I'm saving Billions on Showtime on the DVR because that show is like Lay's potato chips, no one can eat just one)

6. Ivy League Education - Take Harvard’s Introductory Course on Buddhism, One of Five World Religions Classes Offered Free Online

7. Song of the Day - "Twisted Highway" by Erika Wennerstrom

8. Ink - Shop for fake tattoos by real tattoo artists at Tattly.

9. Public Domain - Ever wonder why anyone can make a movie about the fairy tale of Snow White and the seven dwarves, but only Disney can make new things where the dwarves are named Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Happy, Bashful, and Doc? Here's why along with what's joining the public domain family in 2019.

10. Podcast of the Day - 'Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships. Hidden Brain on NPR

11. Psychology - Psychopaths pay less attention to what other people are thinking. (I'm sorry were you saying something?)

12. Design - You know you want one of these Retro Birdhouse Camper Kits:

13. Now I Know My ABC's - The evolution of the English Alphabet:



14. Shoplifting 101 - "Anyone who pays for more than half of their stuff in self checkout is a total moron." The banana trick, the pass around, the switcheroo and other forms of external shrinkage.

15. TV - I don't agree with all the shows on this list of The Best TV Pilots of the 21st Century, Ranked but I do agree with their #1 selection.

16. Science - Story Time is now literally out of this world.

17. Culture - 'Italians sit with friends and family slowly sipping on tiny porcelain cups filled with espresso in between chain-smoking their cigarettes. They look around at what’s happening around them, and if you’re seated at a terrasse, you’re most likely looking out onto a cobble-stoned courtyard with an old ass statue, a beautiful stone water fountain, and little Italianos kicking around a soccer ball...and they’re content.' Americans should take a lesson from Italians in The Art of Dolce Far Niente.

18. Parenting - Our family motto is "If you're not weird, you're weird." And with me exposing my kids to this kind of lame humor on a daily basis, it'll more than likely be their family motto as well:


19. Movies - I want to go to a Deadpool 2 pop-up bar.

20. Puzzled - This custom puzzle box is an amazing piece of hand-crafted infuriating art:

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