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Do you remember the nights under disco lights?
And the songs we’ll be singing
For the rest of our lives?
— Son of Caesar, "Die on a Friday"

Your Daily Cup of Culture...

Hello my pretties, here's The 20 things I found on the internet worth sharing today. As usual, Your Daily Cup of Culture has a bit of everything today...including one about a little dog too. (#99 ON AFI'S 100 GREATEST MOVIE QUOTES OF ALL TIME)

1. Shh! Don't Tell The Principal - Fourth grader who skipped school to go to the Chicago Cubs' home opener with a sign saying 'shh! don't tell Principal' bumps into his PRINCIPAL at the game

2. Jared's Worst Nightmare - Introducing Bear, a Seattle Police Dog That Can Sniff Out Porn

3. Feel - "I'm just going to remember how happy I was to see him.

4. Culture - Apparently, it takes 90 hours to make a new friend. Who has that kind of time?

5. TV - Instead of making a new friend, you could binge watch all seasons of Breaking Bad in only 62 hours. Find out how long it'll take you to binge your favorite show with this Streaming Consumption Calculator.

6. Podcasts - The 50 Best Podcasts to Listen To Right Now

7. The Worst Song In The World - But possibly one of the best ads in the world:

8. Obligatory Coffee Link of the Day - 4 Coffee Hacks that actually work.

9. Culture - This years "most romantic trend": Smudged Lipstick

10. Social Experiment - Leaving a hopscotch game on a Seattle sidewalk to see who plays. (Most people didn’t; those who did are truly alive.):

11. Food - 'Mayochup' is now a thing. Thank you, Heinz.

12. Song of the Day - "Die on a Friday" by Son of Caesar

2018 New Songs You Should Hear :: The Ventipop Playlist

13. Typo - Which one of these is written correctly? (Hint: It's the seventh letter of the alphabet.)

14. Word O' The Day - 'Moasting'

15. Books - 23 Big Books of Spring

16. Interview - "I don't look a day over 80". Author Beverly Cleary turned 102 yesterday. Here's a feisty and funny interview published around the time of her 100th.

17. TV - TLC's reboot of Trading Spaces returned to record ratings.

18. Test Takers - For the SAT and ACT, pencils are no longer required.

19. Culture - Where does the Pope get his socks?

20. Facebook-Free - Embrace your Facebook-Free life the Conan O'Brien way:

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