The 20 :: Your Daily Cup of Culture (#211)

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Your Daily Cup of Culture...

My daughter doesn't like scary movies, so being good parents, we sat down as a family Friday night to watch Jaws. My son loved it and may or may not have been rooting for the shark. However, my daughter near the end of the movie blurted out this gem, "I'd rather be at school than watching this movie". Love that one.

Here's The 20 things I found on the internet worth sharing today. Ventipop's Grind posts can be fun, serious, thoughtful, some great new song or something to buy. If not, you can get your money back.

1. Vive la France! - "French flags, French bulldogs, French wine all day! Vive la France 🇫🇷!  #WorldCupFinal" - Reese Witherspoon via Twitter


2. Merci Beaucoup - French citizens enjoy arguably the best healthcare system in the world as the government is required to provide healthcare insurance for both public and private hospitals to every resident in France regardless of age, income or status. However, many French families miss out on millions of euros due them every year. Now, a software program usually tasked with finding fraudsters has in this case been “turned around” to identify those who should be paid more, but are failing to claim the money they are due.

3. Highlight the Remarkable  - I love this ad campaign. Stabilo’s “Highlight The Remarkable” Campaign Keeps Taking Credits On Social Media

4. Golden Touch - The difference between success and failure can be as simple as keeping in touch

5. Architecture + Design = Escape - Wanna get away? Escape to this little cabin in the woods.

6. Booked Through 2021 - This Scottish bookstore allows people to rent the upstairs apartment — and then run the store! “Once you move in, you’re handed the keys and cash box and the shop is yours to run as you see fit. You can reshelve or redecorate as long as you tend to customers.”

7. Scooped - Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, but it's not too late to get the Midnight Ice Cream Scoop to celebrate:

8. Rejoice! Plastic Bag Ice Cream - I drink your milk shake!

9. Foodage - 7 Cold Dinners to Survive a Summer Heat Wave

10. Snaps and Buckles and Things - Looking for an odd gift? Check out Ode To Things.

For a democratic government to have legitimacy these days, – that is, for the general public to have faith in its decisions – it must include women.

11. "The Concrete Floor" - Spain’s majority-female cabinet embodies women’s global rise to power.

12. Interview of the Day - Saoirse Ronan on Growing Up on Camera, the Changing Politics of Ireland, and Becoming a Queen

13. Madonna At 60 - Popular culture still reeks of her influence.

14. Female Photographers - Discover the trailblazing women who made their mark in the 20th century: Five Women Fashion Photographers Who Changed The Industry

15. One Sky - A collaborative project with almost 90 artists and one instruction: look up.

16. New Song of the Day - "Get Real!" by Avery Mandeville (NSFW)

Avery Mandeville is a singer, songwriter, and musician from New Jersey. She began performing as an acoustic artist and often performs both solo and with her band as Avery Mandeville and the Man Devils. Her debut EP "Salty" was released in early 2017, her full length LP "Happy Birthday, Avery Jane" came out this past Friday and has been on repeat all morning in the Ventipop offices. Terrific. Her unique vocal style has been compared to Roy Orbison, Angel Olsen, silk taffeta, a river of bourbon, and a car backing out of a gravel driveway. :)

17. Parenting - I'm going to try this and let you know if it works: To Get Your Kid Moving, Walk Out the Door

18. Obligatory Coffee Link of the Day - According to Outside Online, The MugMate Is the Best Camp Coffeemaker, Hands Down

19. Sound Investment? - Roku Launches Wireless Speakers for Roku TVs

20. App of the Day - The new FoodSwitch App is like having a nutritionist in your pocket. Instead of hunting for a healthier option, FoodSwitch lists all the alternatives that are better for you. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Grind #211...fini.

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