The 20 :: Your Daily Cup of Culture (#199)

We last from day to day
Not more than that. That’s it. Enough
For now.
— Irish Poet Macdara Woods

Your (Almost) Daily Cup of Culture...

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm back living the dream in hot and muggy Ohio. Here's The 20 things I found on the internet worth sharing today. Your Daily Cup of Culture can be fun, serious, thoughtful or just some great new song or something to buy. If not, you can get your money back.

1. Tectonic Upset - Mexico’s World Cup Goal Against Germany Caused A Literal Earthquake

2. Not Just For Kicks - So...How Much Money Will The World Cup Champs Make?

3. Obligatory Coffee Link of the Day - "The shop, Jubala Coffee, takes their coffee so seriously that when I visit, I feel like I need to pretend to have a preference between Central American and African grown coffee varieties. (I don’t.)

On this day, I was a little horrified to observe her nonchalantly order their spring special: a coffee lemonade. While serving a lemon peel with espresso is a thing that one sometimes sees in certain cafés, mixing coffee and lemon juice together just shouldn’t be done, right? The barista, a dapper gentleman named Brian, took a stab at convincing me to try his special recipe and assured me I would enjoy it if I drank my coffee black once in a while. I do, so I took a $4 gamble and ordered myself one. Apparently, this is what living on the edge looks like at age 33. By the time I had taken my last sip, I felt smug in knowing that I now belonged to a group of bold and daring coffee lemonade ambassadors: It was effing delicious."

4. Pitcher Perfect - The makers of Country Time Lemonade are running a unique promotion this summer. If you’re the parent of a child 14 or younger who has incurred a fine for running an unlicensed lemonade stand or who has paid for a permit, Country Time will “cover your fine or permit fees up to $300”.

I write the books I wish I was reading when I was 14.
— Author Anthony Horowitz

5. Interview of the Day - Anthony Horowitz is committing (and solving) literary crimes in his new meta-mystery The Word Is Murder.

6. Odd News of the Day - Nigerian Man Buries His Father in Brand New $90,000 BMW (Related Story: Ohio man buys $20 shovel)

7. Trailer of the Day - In mid July, HBO will premiere a 2-hour documentary about Robin Williams called, cheekily, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind. Here’s the trailer:

8. Put A Ring On It - Philadelphia Eagles surprise fired executive assistant with a Super Bowl ring

9. The Mayonnaise Revolution - "As the cult of Duke's has racked up converts, and begun to expand beyond its original territory in America's Deep South, even the yellow-capped jars themselves have become treasured collector's items, serving as wedding centerpieces and cremation urns." - Professional chefs are not ashamed to admit that their own fresh-whisked mayonnaise can't compete with the magic found in a bottle of Duke's. What was once a Southern Staple, Duke's Mayonnaise is now racking up the converts.

10. Watsi Crowdfunding - Directly fund life-changing surgeries for people around the world. 100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.

11. International Corner - Japan has a form of capitalism that works

12. New Song of the Day - "Weatherman" by Victory Boyd:

13. Drawn Together - Nathan Hughes, founder of Art Ignition, has written a terrific, precise, detailed guide on how to practice drawing. If you really want to get better at drawing, I highly encourage you to check out his step-by-step no-filter approach to the art of drawing. He makes it clear there are no shortcuts, but also provides useful and actual advice on how to get better by the different forms of practice. Check out the article here.

14. Product of the Day - Sony's new Xperia Ear Duo Headphones - "By using earbuds with a hole in the middle and an innovative audio driver that sits behind your ear and pipes sound down a long tube (rather than the driver sitting right in or on your ear), Sony has created a truly unique listening experience that lets you hear ambient noise and music, podcasts, or whatever without isolating your from the rest of the world. And that’s including devices with pass-through audio like Bragi’s Dash Pro earbuds, or things like the Airpods, which allow sound to trickle in around the sides of the earbud."

15. Missile Mail - Remember that time the U.S. Postal Service tried delivering mail by missile?

16. Twitter Follow of the Day - Thoughts of Dog

i caught my tail today. it wasn’t for long. but i did it. my stuffed fren sebastian saw it happen. and he can vouch for me
— Dog

17. Blocked - Teens are abandoning Facebook in dramatic numbers, study finds

18. Swiss Amiss - From kissing strangers three times on the cheek to staying up past midnight to organize the recycling, here are 20 ways you know you have been in Switzerland too long.

Eventually simplicity is all, but life becomes more complex, demanding and disturbingly engaging the more fully we live it.
— Macdara Woods

20. Ad of the Day - Pamper's new commercial is a labor of love:

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