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The rift between culture and pop-culture has never been greater.
— Dov Davidoff

Your Daily Cup of Culture...

Here's The 20 things I found on the internet worth sharing today. Your Daily Cup of Culture is a lot like Forrest never know what you're gonna get.

1. Movies - 'A Quiet Place' snuck up on the box office this weekend.

2. New Career Goal - Chief Taco Officer

3. Feel - Girl Does Not Realize She's Sitting Next To Her The Guy Whose Music She's Listening To, And It Escalates Hilariously

4. Obligatory Coffee Link of The Day - Maybe, the best part of waking up hasn't been Folgers in your cup all these years. Folgers is introducing a new higher quality coffee called 1850.

5. If I win the Lottery - I'm buying myself a Vintage Electric Signature Cruz E-Bike.

6. Broadway - 'Mean Girls' opened on Broadway and according to Tina Fey, it's more relevant than ever.

7. Music - There was never an episode of "The Office" as cringe-worthy as the season four episode Dinner Party...and that's really saying something. Now, New Pornographers’ Todd Fancey Shares Alternate Version of “The Office” Song “That One Night” and the story of how he came to record the song for the episode. Hear the gloriousness that is "That One Night" in all its full blown beauty and cringe all over again as Jan dances to it in the clips below:

8. Science - 60 Years of agonizing and yet scientists still have no idea how our knuckles crack.

9. Sex (NSFW) - “I start thinking about tax refunds at minute 12. Money keeps me enthusiastic.” Women on how long sex should last.

10. Weird Product O' The Day - Cuddle up with (or be really freaked out by) Qoobo, the fake pet that resembles a small ottoman made of faux fur and foam that sports a wagging tail in response to how vigorously you pet it.

11. Food - You NEED to remember, there's a difference between "non-toxic" and "Edible" Glitter.

12. Feel - "If it doesn't fit in my van, I'm giving it away." Read and follow the amazing story of ex-NFL player Joe Hawley as he drives his life in a new direction with a dog named Freedom.

13. Education - "It’s surprising I was accepted to all of them." - Teen admitted to all 20 colleges and universities he applied to for admission.

14. Life Hack - Boost Your Confidence With These Daily Mood-Lifting Texts from Shine

15. TV - I'm experiencing what feels a wee bit like teen angst reading this list of The 25 Best Teens in TV History.

16. Food - "Are you kidding? It's not egg?" When is an egg NOT an egg?

17. Food - These are the fast food chains we wish would come to America

18. Innovation - Meet Thor, the future of trucking and winner of Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Award

19. Foreign Culture - "Yesterday, a woman asked for her down payment back. She didn't want a diesel car anymore." A recent high-court decision giving cities the right to ban diesel motors as a way to improve air quality took Germany by surprise.

20. Charity - Props to a company called Ripple for funding ALL 35,000 classroom project requests listed on

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