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Taylor Swift

I Forgot That You Existed :: Welcome Back Venti

It’s been a while, but I’ve heard you. Sorry many of you felt abandoned by Ventipop just when you needed it the most. Lord knows we all desperately need to know there are good people out there putting good things back into the world. I haven’t forsaken you and I’ll do better. I’ll be honest, I thought about cutting the cord on Ventipop, but it took a few months off for me to realize all over again that the world and the news and the people in the world making the news can really depress me, and to a certain degree Ventipop gives me something I need. Bottomline, I feel better about things in general when I keep tabs of the good things in the world via Ventipop.

I’ll be updating more regularly from here on out. Whether it’s a good song, a good story, a good think piece, a good design, a good artwork, a good invention, a good video, a good recipe, a good quote, a good joke or just a good person. I’ll find it. And post it here. Tell somebody so the good vibes keep vibin’.

Let’s start anew with a song…because everything is better with good music.

“I Forgot That You Existed” by Taylor Swift



Favorite Songs 2017 :: 30-21

2017 was not the best year on record, but at least the music didn't suck. We're getting near the end of Ventipop's Favorite Songs of 2017 with #30-21.

30. Ani Difranco :: "Alrighty" :: @anidifranco

29. Waxahatchee :: "Brass Beam" :: @k_crutchfield

28. Shilpa Ray :: "EMT Police And The Fire Department" :: @shilparayisgod

27. Bleachers :: "Don't Take The Money" :: @bleachersmusic

26. City of the Sun :: "Sugar" :: @cityofthesun

25. Republican Hair :: "Miss Prince" :: @RepublicanHair

24. Taylor Swift :: "New Year's Day" :: @taylorswift13

23. The War On Drugs :: "Thinking of a Place" :: @TheWarOnDrugs

22. Imelda May :: "How Bad Can A Good Girl Be" :: @ImeldaOfficial

21. Ed Sheeran :: "Supermarket Flowers" :: @edsheeran