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Twitter Feed The Beast :: Daily Grind #171




  1. involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing:

    "all of these people are complicit in some criminal conspiracy"

I know we just fed the beast this past Thursday, but in this edition of the Grind, I come raging back from the Thanksgiving break with only good stories from the Ventipop family Twitter feed. Really, I guess you could say, this post is by readers. Ventipop  followers are awesome and link to some pretty infatuating things in their own right. And by "followers", I'm only using Twitter lingo; NOT calling you sheep. Nope, Venti fans have very strong opinions! I'm not saying you're opinionated, I'm just saying you guys rock! And by "guys", I merely mean "all of you": NOT being sexist. I love women. Intelligent, calming, beautiful, sexy women. And by sexy, I mean ONLY my wife. I can't win.

Welcome back, hope you had a great feast with no political convo battles with a beloved family member. Let's Grind. 

Twitter Feed The Beast :: Daily Grind #171


10 Chirpy Things Today

This says everything we need to know about the year 2017: 'Complicit' Is's Word of the Year (@chicagotribune)

Cyber Monday Nostalgia - Looking back at CBS 60 Minutes report on Amazon waaaay back in 1999 (@kevinokeefe):

German police recovered a trove of stolen artifacts belonging to John Lennon (@VICE)

Federal Secrets@mental_floss drops the dime on 12 secrets of FedEx delivery drivers.

'At the Museum' is a new online doc series offering a behind-the-scenes look at running #MoMA in NYC. Congrats to @kozaneck and team for this thoughtfully-crafted and meditatively shot project. Looking forward to future episodes! (@goodworkerco)

Art of The Deal - You just bought the most expensive painting in art auction now what? (@artnet)

Song O The Day :: Nicole Atkin's dynamic rendition of "O Holy Night" (@ventipop) (@NicoleAtkins)

Good O The Day - Moleskine 12 Watercolor Pencil Set (@moleskine)

The Art of Questioning - "The ability to recall facts (we have Google) and parrot popular arguments (the canon is dead) has become obsolete. Students need to wade through the noise, discern the facts, analyze perspectives, and develop their own expertise." (@qz)

People should have questioned why they agreed to try acupuncture for the first ultra-slow-mo (@cut):