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I Forgot That You Existed :: Welcome Back Venti

It’s been a while, but I’ve heard you. Sorry many of you felt abandoned by Ventipop just when you needed it the most. Lord knows we all desperately need to know there are good people out there putting good things back into the world. I haven’t forsaken you and I’ll do better. I’ll be honest, I thought about cutting the cord on Ventipop, but it took a few months off for me to realize all over again that the world and the news and the people in the world making the news can really depress me, and to a certain degree Ventipop gives me something I need. Bottomline, I feel better about things in general when I keep tabs of the good things in the world via Ventipop.

I’ll be updating more regularly from here on out. Whether it’s a good song, a good story, a good think piece, a good design, a good artwork, a good invention, a good video, a good recipe, a good quote, a good joke or just a good person. I’ll find it. And post it here. Tell somebody so the good vibes keep vibin’.

Let’s start anew with a song…because everything is better with good music.

“I Forgot That You Existed” by Taylor Swift



Cool Gross Things, Best Worst Videos & Catch Him, Derry! (Grind #148)

I appreciate all the kind words on the Hurricane Harvey post. Today, we get back to a more traditional Venti. Here's a collection of some light-hearted fare showcasing some cool gross things, awesomely bad videos and a grab bag of informative and useless info snatched up from all over the internet. What did I learn while putting this collection together? I'm a rude shopper, snot is underrated and my voice is way cooler to everyone else than it is inside my own head. Now, go on and..."Catch Him, Derry!"


How To Hear What Your Voice Sounds Like To Others

Why isn't there Grape Ice Cream?


In 18th-Century England, "Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass" was more than just a saying. (Umm...yuck.)


Get yourself a pet Bryozoa!


Why snot is so awesome!


Is the future of public transportation Gyroscopic?


What do these 9 things have in common?

  1. Computer software
  2. Caller ID & Call Waiting
  3. Windshield Wipers
  4. Space Station Batteries
  5. Dishwasher
  6. Home Security System
  7. Stem Cell Isolation
  8. Kevlar
  9. Monopoly

Great idea, Australia! Drivers who enter the "Fatigue Zone" get roadside trivia to keep them awake.

A: It's a macadamia nut

A: It's a macadamia nut


A realistic list by McSweeny's - How to log in to the Student Portal 

The Best Worst Thing You'll See All Day

This story makes Jay happy. Jay likes this story. Jay is going to try this out.


I'm special! If you get chills while listening to music then you have a special brain.


Go to a KFC in China and pay with your smile.


As if the people of Houston didn't have enough to worry about...Fire Ants built rafts to survive the flooding.


How far do coughs, vomit and sneezes travel?! (You may not want to know)


"Wine Down After Work" -photographic evidence of what happens to people after drinking 1, 2, 3 or more glasses of wine.

Shakespeare's original accent (or as close as we can get) sounds a bit like Johnny Depp drunk on rum in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Burlington Beadles predate any other police force in England, but they don't police crime...they police manners.

...The Last Drop

My new catchphrase: "Catch him, Derry!"