Stranger Things, The Twilight Zone and Guns...Again :: Daily Grind #159

So, Jonathan, how was the pull-out?
— Murray Bauman, Stranger Things 2

It's a rainy Monday here in Ventiland. A thousand shades of grey and green and yellow outside my window. If it wasn't seventy degrees, it would be perfect fall fire and coffee weather. The family and I finished up Stranger Things 2 this weekend, and I have to say, I liked second season even more than the first. The writers did a great job of making it seem like a continuation of season one, but at the same time, making it feel broader and the characters richer in scope. It's rare to get a show that's just as enjoyable for kids as it is for the adults; especially adults who remember the glory of the 80's.


9 Good Things Today...And 1 Not So Good

Kicking off today's Grind with a few of my favorite Stranger Things retro posters:

Stranger Easter Eggs - Vanity Fair highlights all the hidden references, episode by episode, in season two of Stranger Things.

Possibly due to the phenomenal success of Strangers Things, CBS is gearing up for a possible Twilight Zone reboot.

Speaking of living in the Twilight Zone. There's been another mass shooting. This time in a church in Texas where as of this minute, 26 people aging in range from five to seventy, were shot dead. But it's probably still not the time to talk about common sense gun control laws, right? All those thoughts and prayers don't seem to be helping prevent this shit though. Every this happens, I'm just going to post a link to this excellent summation by Stephen King detailing the mass shooting process in this country which was written back in 2013, but sadly, is still just as accurate and relevant today four years later. Guns by Stephen King.

Guns (Kindle Single)
By Stephen King

Take Me To The Good Part - Finally, the charade is over. Audible’s new service lets erotica readers skip straight to the sex stuff.

Sandwich Stories - I should have majored in food history. I would have aced that class. Remarkably, sandwiches tell us a great deal about the history of America.

Hershey Gold - Say howdy to the first new candy bar from Hershey since 1995.

One With Nature - "People sometimes think that working in hospice care is depressing. This story … demonstrates the depths of the rewards that caring for the dying can bring."

Song O' The Day - "Dark Chandelier" by Anna Tivel @annativelmusic

The Geneva Freeport - What if I told you there's a place that holds the largest art collection in the world (including 1000 Picassos) and has the largest inventory of wine in the world...but you can't visit it?