Sticky Romance, Proper Kisses and Your Worst Nightmares :: Daily Grind #157

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.
— Jules Renard

The first headline I read this morning asked, "Is Modern Life Making Today's Teenagers More Depressed?" Isn't this version of modern life making EVERYONE more depressed? And aren't teenagers supposed to be moody and depressed? Literally, the headline directly below that one read, "A Better Way To Deal with the Negative Thoughts in Our Heads". These were links to two different websites, but I thought it was a nice snapshot of where we are as a people right now. And I didn't dare read the third headline. It was a nice spark of inspiration to go out and find some good things worth sharing though. See how I turned that frown upside down?


10 Good Things Today

RAF pilot Francis Mellersh getting a haircut and reading Greenmantle by John Buchan. Essex, England, 1942.

RAF pilot Francis Mellersh getting a haircut and reading Greenmantle by John Buchan. Essex, England, 1942.

I Think That's A Yes - Immediately following the Houston Astros win in Game 7 of the World Series last night, Houston shortstop Carlos Correa made an even bigger play:

The Future and the Dating Game - Personality surveys are so 2000s. Dating apps are now relying on user Twitter feeds and social media surveillance to find your perfect match. Isn't that romantic?

Social Distortion - It's not exactly AI taking over the world in a dystopian future, but it is subverting American innovation and cleverly turning it against us. Why is America so susceptible to social media distortion?

Introvert Alert - I'm a self-diagnosed introvert, but I never heard of HSPs before today. I'm probably that one too. This article details seven ways Introverts and HSPs can beat the winter blues.

Cinnabon's Sticky Untold Story - Or simply, the best good thing ever.

If I was one of the good ones, I don’t think you’d like me.
— Tegan and Sara feat. Matthew Dear, "Bad Ones"

Oh,'re so wrong - Song O' The Day : "Bad Ones" by Tegan and Sara

Your Worst Nightmare - Often times, bad can be good, right? Atlas Obscura asked readers to send in the nightmares that haunt them. I'm not sure if they were ready for how messed up people can be.

Law & Order & The Mueller Investigation - If you're not a lawyer, but watch a lot of tv and think you could be, here's an explanation of the key terms in the Mueller investigation using examples from tv plot lines.

Hammer Time - "Thor: Ragnarok is good-natured, warm and funny and it really feels like a multi-million-dollar indie." I'm in.

Throwback Thursday - Life Magazine's Guide to Kissing Properly, 1942