Special Blend :: Our Favorite Links From October 2016

Enjoy Our Favorite Links From October


  • The Honeycrisp apple is one delicious fruit. I had no idea it wasn't created in a lab until the 1990's and the University of Minnesota held a patent on it.
  • Real wasabi costs around $80 per pound...so that stuff at the local sushi hut probably isn't wasabi.
  • Some of the best commercials of my childhood came with a jingle. If I said to you, "I don't want to grow up..." or "The best part of waking up..." or "My bologna has a first name...", chances are you would be able to finish those little songs. And I'd bet money you'd have a smile on your face while you did. But somewhere along the way, the jingle has gone out of fashion. Was it Michael Jackson's fault?
  • I still sing the Charles in Charge theme, but I guess that's not strong enough nowadays. With over 400 scripted shows, this article details the evermore importance of a show's opening title sequence.

  • From Ojai, California to Charleston, West Virginia and everywhere inbetween. Buzzfeed maps a road trip to 19 Beautiful Bookshops in America.
  • Introducing stunning charcoal drawings on paper by New York City artist, Casey Baugh:

  • Where does the anger come from? Despite all economic indicators pointing up, six out of ten Americans feel the country is on the wrong track. The Washington Post canvassed pollsters and other experts to get their opinion on the apparent disconnect

  • Imagine picking up the phone, getting asked if you're available to DJ later that night and then being told the client is Prince. Read the incredible story about the night a Los Angeles DJ was picked at random to DJ for Prince's intimate late night date. If you read the story, here's one of the songs Prince told the DJ he liked:

...The Last Drop