Special Blend :: Our Favorite Links From November 2016

It's time once again to gather and reminisce about the month that was as November comes to a close already. This month, Ventipop featured approximately 45 products, 22 books/writers, 20 musicians, 15 entertainment related videos, 10 long form articles, 7 stories for foodies, 6 animal stories, 5 quotes, 3 artists, 2 sports links, 2 Harry Potter stories, 1 quiz, links to stories on weird inventions, a Ukrainian SU-27, the Far Side cartoon and probably too many links about the election. And sadly, we said goodbye to Leonard Cohen. It was a full, short yet very long month and I'm ready to turn the page. Here are my favorite links from November 2016.

Special Blend :: Our Favorite Links From November 2016

Quotes found on the internet are not always accurate.
— Abraham Lincoln

Wry and playful, except for when densely allusive and willfully obtuse, Ninety-Nine Stories of God is a treasure trove of bafflements and tiny masterpieces.
— The New York Times

  • Ninety-Nine Stories Of God by Joy Williams is exactly what the title says it is; a collection of very short-stories about the supreme being in wonderfully twisted situations from the mind of Williams herself. It's already a featured read on many 2016 Top Ten Lists. It's so fun and simultaneously thought-provoking; not to be missed.

Quietly splendid. . . . I believe in art, and Ninety-Nine Stories of God feels like prayer to me.
— Boston Globe
Ninety-Nine Stories of God
By Joy Williams

  • DELETE YOURSELF FROM THE INTERNET :: There's a little part in all of us that wants to click a button that would delete our existence from the internet. Now, that button exists.
  • Get dizzy while you doodle. Mental Canvas lets artists take 3D sketching to a whole new level.

  • A FITBIT THAT'S NOT A FITBIT FOR ONLY $20! :: Want a simpler, cheaper way to count steps? Say hello to the bizarro Fitbit called the Misfit Flash. It's much less expensive than a Fitbit, tracks your steps and sleep...and the band doesn't suck balls. Click the "Buy On Amazon" button below.

...The Last Drop

K. Flay :: "Blood In The Cut" (Warning: Adult Words Ahead)