Songs You Should Hear Series :: Six Sensational New Songs

Six-Song Six-Pack

I went on a bit of a listening binge this past weekend and was happily shocked to discover a plethora of new indie rock songs I really enjoyed. Here are six new sensational songs for our Songs You Should Hear Series to get your week started right.

1. The Vaccines "I Can't Quit"

Available March 30th

Available March 30th

U.K. indie-rock juggernauts The Vaccines released their brand new single “I Can’t Quit” Wednesday, the first full cut from the band’s forthcoming fourth studio album, Combat Sports, out on March 30.

"I Can't Quit" is vintage Vaccines, and that's no bad thing - an infectious crowd-pleasing anthem, the Ramones-esque chug is backed some cooing, downbeat backing vocals.

Unashamedly fun, you can check out 'I Can't Quit' below.

You can’t change me, can you?
You can’t offer that much to me
Oh you can’t offer change, can you?
And I can’t offer that much to you
— The Vaccines, "I Can't Quit"

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2. Frank Turner "1933"

Available May 4th

Available May 4th

The English singer-songwriter, once dubbed “the people’s prince of punk poetry” by British magazine NME, has announced the upcoming release of his seventh studio album Be More Kind, out May 4th.

In advance of the album, Turner has released the single “1933,” a furious and clattering anthem.

You can’t fix the world if all you have is a hammer.
— Frank Turner, "1933"

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3. Middle Kids "Mistake"

Available May 4th

Available May 4th

Australian trio Middle Kids have shared belting new track 'Mistake'. The three-piece act was one of our favorites last year as they caught our attention with their stellar debut EP. Since then they've been working on their debut album, crafting new songs. If "Mistake" is any indication of the future, May 4th can't get here soon enough. That's the release date for their debut LP 'Lost Friends.

It was charming
The way we danced around the truth
You were smiling, always hiding
— Middle Kids, "Mistake"

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4. Karen O (feat. Michael Kiwanuka) "Yo! My Saint"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O has dropped a new song featuring the English soul artist Michael Kiwanuka. "Yo! My Saint" is a sultry, slow-burning ballad full of yearning and heartache.

"Don't you tell another lie, don't you tell another truth," Kiwanuka sings. "My heart isn't bulletproof from visions of you." Karen O replies: "The perfect crime that I'll commit is loving you despite all this."

The perfect crime that I’ll commit
Is loving you despite all of it.
— Karen O, "Yo! My Saint"

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5. Vansire "Nice To See You"

Vansire describes itself as "a dream pop duo originating from Rochester, Minnesota". And that is a pretty much pin-point accurate description. "Nice To See You" will have humming its infectious chorus for days on end as if you're walking around in a dream-pop-hallucination.  At the bottom of their bandcamp page, tags include: pop bedroom pop dream hop dream pop dream-hop hip hop laid back lo-fi lofi slacker pop Minnesota - these guys should write their own pressers. Oh, wait. They just did.

You make me feel things I don’t believe in.
— Vansire, "Nice To See You"

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6. Destroyer "Tinseltown Swimming In Blood"

Vancouver rockers Destroyer released  “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood" last fall, but somehow I'm didn't hear it until just now.  Stereogum describes the video as “A music video-length remake of the 1962 French sci-fi classic La Jetée, the clip is, like the original film, constructed entirely out of still black-and-white photographs.” The track, along with previously released “Sky’s Grey,” appears on his latest album, ken, which was released back in October via Merge Records. Watch the video below and see Destroyer on tour.

I couldn’t see, I was blind
Off in the corner, doing poet’s work
That’s alright for now
It was just a dream of your blue eyes
— Destroyer, "Tinseltown Swimming In Blood"

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