Songs You Should Hear Series :: "Anyone Else" by Lance Carpenter & Krystal Keith

Sounds Like: Toby Keith / Sarah Evans / Blake Shelton / Kellie Pickler

If I told you one of the singers of "Anyone Else" was the child of country singer Toby Keith, you'd swear it was the male lead vocal because Lance Carpenter sounds a lot like him. But you'd be wrong. Toby Keith's daughter, Krystal, does her father proud on this new country song along side Carpenter. Their voices compliment each other really well and meld together beautifully.

Carpenter released several singles and EPs independently. Then, not long ago, he inked an artist deal with Toby Keith’s record label Show Dog Nashville. That makes him and Krystal more than just duet partners. Now they’re label mates.

“I met Lance in a co-write a couple years ago, and we quickly became friends,” Keith says. “Fast-forward about a year later, and he’s now my label mate and duet partner! I’m finishing up a new solo EP for release this Spring, but this duet really felt right, and we both wanted to get this out there as soon as we could.”

Krystal Keith drew widespread praise with her wide-ranging and soulful debut album Whiskey & Lace. The album included the viral video smash “Daddy Dance With Me,” which she wrote as a surprise for the first dance with her father Toby Keith at her wedding. A new EP featuring a few original songs she co-wrote is expected next year.

As for Carpenter, he started writing songs in college, spent several years in the emergency management field working 42 different disasters including Hurricane Katrina, and finally made the full time jump to music in 2011.

"Anyone Else" by Lance Carpenter & Krystal Keith

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