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Kermit at the Club

Kermit at the Club

Thursdays have Friday envy. A few stories that made me laugh this week:

  • What date number is a burp okay? This and other food etiquette questions answered here.

  • American children are speaking with British accents and parents are blaming Peppa The Pig.

  • Timber is an app from Husqvarna that describes itself as “The First Ever Dating Service for Trees”

  • No thank you very much. Men are joining Masturbation Clubs.

  • Maybe everyone is at the Masturbation Club because Sex in the Park isn’t what it used to be.

  • 1970s Basement Boys rejoice! Now you can hit the Masturbation Club then head over to your buddies basement and practice lightsaber dueling. It’s now an official Olympic sport.

  • This dude is celebrating like he just visited the Masturbation Club. “Big Fella, shut it down!”: