Seeing Is Deceiving

Only when the design fails does it draw attention to itself; when it succeeds, it’s invisible.
— John D. Barry

Seeing Is Deceiving

British tile company Casa Ceramica grew tired of people running in the hallway. The came up with a unique solution and designed a novel optical illusion flooring system that uses real tiles to create a vertigo-inducing warped floor. The skewed checkerboard floor functions as the entryway to their showroom in Manchester, lending an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere to a generally traditional medium. You can see a couple more photos on their Instagram.

4-Mation DIY Tabletop Animations

Another UK company 4-Mation has created a DIY kit that allows users to make their own ultra-realistic animations. The kit uses synchronized strobes and carousel rotation to animate objects as though they pop to life in 3D.

Jane Zhang "Dust My Shoulders Off"

Eleven famous Western art paintings come alive in this stunning music video for “Dust My Shoulders Off” by Chinese pop star Jane Zhang.


British Contemporary Artist Alan Coulson

British contemporary artist Alan Coulson’s works focus predominantly in portraiture. I like Alan's work because even though it is extremely detailed, it never ventures too far into hyperrealistic territory and still remains a painting. See more of his work here, and keep updated on his latest via Instagram.

Smartify Is Shazam For Art

Smartify is an augmented reality art-identifier for iOS and Android that’s since been adopted by over 30 museums worldwide. Smartify has a foothold in fine art at places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and The Royal Academy of Art in London. From oil paintings to marble sculptures, just aim and identify. You don’t even need to hit a button to take a photo.

Walk This Way

Ísafjörður, Iceland is a quiet fishing town and one of the last places you'd think you'd find a flashy piece of artwork right in the middle of the road. But that's exactly where you'll find this flashy pedestrian crosswalk: a traditional set of white zebra-stripes painted to appear three dimensional. See more in Iceland Magazine.

Nike VaporFly Elite FlyPrint

Computational Design and 3D Printing are game changers and now Nike is marrying the two into the design of a new prototype shoe for elite runners.

Thinking Outside The Box...Mind Blown


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