Rental Goldfish, Cuddle Parties & Soap for Hangovers (Grind #150)


Don't you love it when you throw on an old pair of sweats or shorts you haven't worn for a long while and discover a crumpled up dollar bill in there? It's better than winning a scratch off lottery ticket, right? It's unexpected, easy (didn't even have to drive to a gas station, stand in line or spend any money to "win" money) and sometimes, it's just enough to flip the scale from bad day to good day. Well, that's what you get today with this Grind post. Every so often, I have to clean out my "pocket" where I save stories to feature on Ventipop. I uncrumple them, smooth them out and try to place them in some logical order in a post even though the very reason they haven't been featured before is because they didn't quite fit into any past posts. So, it's like making a puzzle out of a bunch of irregular jigsaw pieces. So, instead of disjointed, muddled, unfocused or hodgepodge, we call it eclectic or abstract or charming. So enjoy this eclectic grind on everything from really bad dates to rental goldfish to soaps for everyone. I'm off to spend that dollar on a scratch-off.

  • If you're feeling lonely, I mean really, really lonely, stay at this Belgian Hotel and rent a goldfish for the night.
  • If you're feeling lonely, I mean really, really, REALLY loney...head out to the Love Dome in Venice for a Cuddle Party.
  • Or if you just WANT to be alone, ship yourself overnight via a Cabin Sleep Pod Bus.
  • We'll get to color blindness in a minute, but this article suggests we cure ourselves of Tree Blindness.
  • Enchroma glasses enable color blind people to see the world in full, accurate color; often for the first time like 66-year-old William Reed:

...The Last Drop

Whiskey River Soap Co. make soaps for everyone: