Rearview Rock Stars, United States of Coffee and TGIF Music

Ever look in the rearview mirror as you're driving and pretend you're starring in your own music video? Or feel like you're playing the starring role inside one of those movie montages? Don't lie. 'Fess up. We've all done it. (Except me. Wink, wink, nod.)

Aaron Lee Tasian's new song "Little Movies" gives us a soundtrack for our weirdness. So, tilt that mirror down so you can see that movie star face. Nobody cares about the guy in the mud covered, 4 X 4 Ford riding your bumper anyway. Crank the volume, and enjoy the early start to the weekend:

We have a few more songs, some wine butter, some entertainment news, a Stir Stick Dedication and a mystery video all coming up in today's Daily Grind.

  • Jim from The Office is the new Jack Ryan in a 10 episode series headed to Amazon.
  • Hell or High Water is getting some solid reviews.
  • Despite what that little show with dragons on HBO is always saying, actually FALL is coming. Er, well, winter is coming too, but fall is coming first. Here's a thorough Fall TV Premiere Calendar so you know when to expect your favorite shows.
  • I'm not even going to tell you what this next video is all about. All I will say is there are no flowers, no pastels, no blue liquids, someone should win an advertising award and if you're a woman you should definitely watch it:

  • And One for the Road...Matthew and Me's "Joy" dance us off into the weekend. Have a great one boys and girls: