Daily Grind :: Pizza TV, Cyanide Cake, Bouncing Pickles & Napoleon's Penis

Today's Grind features weird advancements in technology, weird laws, weird history, a weird supercomputer named Watson and weird things done to famous people's body parts after they died. This one's a little longer than usual (insert Napoleon joke here), so grab an extra big mug today and take some time for little old you. Enjoy.

  • Remember that scene at the end of Wall-E where the people can't get out of their chairs without assistance? We're well on our way to that reality. Papa John's now has an app on Apple TV. Pause your movie and use the app to order your pizza and pay right thru the app on your tv set. Customers get 25% off for just using the app.
Food porn.

Food porn.

  • An international team of scientists from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence are investigating a possible extraterrestrial signal from deep space.
  •  IBM's supercomputer Watson is one busy machine. Watson has been figuring out ways Artificial Intelligence could revolutionize cancer treatment, dreaming up new tech for tennis fans and could become your next weatherman.
  • In his spare time, Watson also made a trailer for a movie about an Artificially Intelligent girl named Morgan. Talk about a Pandora's Box inside Pandora's Box. Feels like poison ivy on my brain. Watch Watson's creepy trailer for Morgan and stay tuned for a behind the scenes explanation immediately after:

  • No big shocker here, Netflix renewed Stranger Things for a second season.
  • The Night Of ended Sunday night and the finale exceeded expectation. It's been my number one show on the "On Now, Can't Miss" TV List since it's premiere. But now, I need a new number one. I've watched Halt and Catch Fire since the first season. It was a slow grind the first few episodes, but the cast is great and I'm a fan of any show set in the awkward 80's. The show gets better with every season. The third season premiered last week on AMC. I'd recommend checking out on the first two seasons, but it's not a requirement to figure out what's up.

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