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French artist Gilbert Legrand calls his work "happy accidents". As a child, he saw faces in things like clouds, trees and shells on the beach. Today, he sees art in even the most mundane objects. What would the world look like if everyone saw the world the way Mr. Legrand sees it? Share and support artist Gilbert Legrand here.

Wild Pink :: "Wizard of Loneliness" :: @WildPinkNYC

In the spirit of Christmas, "Put your phone down."

If all of our rainy days were as gorgeous as Australian artist Mike Barr paints them, life would be even better. Support Mike Barr and see more of his rainy cityscapes here.

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People watching is the oldest art form, and I never get tired of watching these surprise soldier homecomings:

Library card pillows, literal book lights, and candles that smell like old books. Buy yourself the presents you didn't get for Christmas:

Another heart tugging Holiday video:

Japanese artist Hikaru Cho mesmerizes with her works which transform the human form into the surreal and unusual. See her complete portfolio here.

There's a therapeutic aspect to this video of a robot with perfect penmanship:

...The Last Drop :: "Bird"

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