Mental Yoga Weekend :: Favorite Long Reads of the Week

One day, in the friendly little town of Milton, a mysterious visitor arrived out of the blue...
— From 'Finding Home' in the Boston Globe

Mental Yoga Weekend posts are like a big mute button you aim at the rest of the world. Just you, your chair, a mug, a spot next to a dust-filled sunny spot or a rainy window. Take some time for yourself. Learn to be still for a minute or two...

Favorite Long Reads of the Week

  1. Finding Home - The Boston Globe
  2. Teachers and Parents Share Stories From Inside the 'Fortnite' Phenomenon - Vice
  3. Why is Fortnite Battle Royale so wildly popular? - Polygon
  4. The 101 Dishes That Changed America - Thrillist
  5. The Truth About Dark Chocolate - The Guardian
  6. How Not To Care When People Don't Like You - Lifehacker
  7. Why You Should Never, Ever Drain Your Pasta Water In The Sink - The Huffington Post