Mental Yoga Weekend :: Favorite Long Reads of the Week

I was watching a documentary about the president’s Dallas trip and I had never really thought about where he was on his way to when he was shot. I hadn’t heard about the speech and I didn’t know it existed. It had obviously been written in advance, but I don’t think it had registered with many people. I looked it up online and was blown away by how prescient it is to today.
— Director Alan Kelly

Mental Yoga Weekend posts are meant to be like a big mute button you aim at the rest of the world. Just you, your chair, a mug, a spot next to a dust-filled sunny spot or a rainy window. Take some time for yourself. Learn to be still for a minute or two...

Favorite Long Reads of the Week

  1. JFK Unsilenced - The Times UK
  2. The Last Conversation You'll Ever Need To Have About Eating Right - Grub Street
  3. What Is My Dog? - The Outline
  4. The Bidet's Revival - The Atlantic
  5. Japan's Prisons Are A Haven For Elderly Women - Bloomberg
  6. The Boy Who Lived On The Edges - Outside