Mental Yoga Weekend :: Long Reads of the Week (#45)

Mental Yoga Weekend is a collection of my favorite long reads I unearth during the week. I save them for the weekend so readers have a chance to sit back and read without pressure. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I did.

Favorite Long Reads of the Week

  1. Delivering Amazon Packages to the Top of the World - The New York Times
  2. In Praise of Being Washed - GQ
  3. The Nutella Billionaires: Inside The Ferrero Family’s Secret Empire - Forbes
  4. The Harsh Reality of Food for ‘Little House’ Pioneers - Atlas Obscura
  5. Libraries: Where The World's Memory Is Stored - BBC
  6. Spain leads the world in organ donation. What’s stopping other countries catching up? - Mosaic

Mental Yoga Weekend $45...fini. Enjoy your weekend.

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