Mental Yoga Weekend :: Favorite Long Reads of the Week

Mental Yoga Weekend is a collection of the best longer reads of the week. But don't be afraid, some of them really aren't the very long. Turn off the Netflix, the Hulu, the YouTube, the FaceBook, the Spotify, the Pandora, the Apple Music, the Twitter, the Xbox One, the PS4, the Oculus, the ringer on your phone, the chatter, the kids, the little voice in your head telling you what to do next and grab a seat, take a breather and enjoy slowing the pace and just read something longer than that text from that friend who's always annoying you. 

Favorite Long Reads of the Week

  1. The Final, Terrible Voyage of the Nautilus - Wired
  2. The Man's Kitchen - Curbed
  3. Inspired By Black Lives Matter, This Masked Man Patrols Under the Cover of Darkness - Narratively
  4. Alan Taylor at InFocus has put together an incredible selection of images nominated in the 2018 World Press Photo Contest. Wow. - The Atlantic
  5. Death by Derivatives - Damn Interesting
  6. A Family Left Behind - ESPN
  7. Arsenic and Old Leeches - Lapham's Quarterly
  8. The American public has power over the gun business – why doesn’t it use it? - The Conversation