Mental Yoga Sunday :: Issue No. 22


Mental Yoga Sunday this week features long reads I've posted the previous five days in the Daily Grind posts. Something is Wrong on the Internet made me wildly uncomfortable because I have two young children online, Weinstein's Army of Spies made me queasy as well; hard to believe someone's mind works that way. Fake Friends and Family reinforces how truly strange I think the Japanese culture is. Both VR on Social Issues and When will the Earth try to kill us Again made me simultaneously eager and anxious about the future. The Secret Life of a Mall Kiosk Worker answered a lot of questions I've always had about those lurkers in the mall halls. And Guns by Stephen King is something everyone should read...especially our elected officials.

  1. Something Is Wrong On The Internet - Medium
  2. Harvey Weinstein's Army of Spies - The New Yorker
  3. How to Hire Fake Friends and Family - The Atlantic
  4. Can Virtual Reality Change Minds on Social Issues? - Narratively
  5. The Secret Life of the Mall Kiosk Worker - Racked
  6. When Will The Earth Try To Kill Us Again? - Ars Technica
  7. Guns by Stephen King