I Gotta Be Me :: Daily Grind #154

What’s a happenin’, Hot Stuff?
— Donger, "Sixteen Candles"

We were on a break! I couldn't decide which quote to use, so I used both. My blog. My rules. The Donger quote is for every guy who hasn't sexually harassed a woman in their professional life; which apparently is a much smaller percentage of men than I thought a few weeks ago. But if you haven't been accused of sexual harassment yet and really feel the need to fit it, by all means, approach a female co-worker today and quote the Donger.

Sooo...it's been a while since my last post. I'm not gonna lie. I needed a breather. It takes a lot of wading through the mucky-muck (props to the D!) to find the good things I post about on Ventipop. It was getting to me. Too much scary orange clown guy (not talking about Halloween), too much Russia talk, too much natural disaster, too much cancer, too much hate, too much stupidity, too much finger pointing, too much impending doom, too many drug overdoses, too much tragedy, too much snark and too little ingenuity, sense of humor or empathy.

Ironically, I found myself back where I started before Ventipop. Wondering and muttering in line at the coffee shop, "What the hell is wrong with people?" as people in line nervously glanced at me and whispered to their friends, "What the hell is wrong with that guy?"

During my self-imposed hiatus, I also realized I was a bit depressed because Venti wasn't showing the growth I had hoped. Starting out, I assumed there were a lot of people who craved a place online that focused on the good things. A site they could visit everyday to renew a little faith in humanity, discover a new song from a new singer, buy a game changing product they didn't even know they wanted, have a laugh or a thought, appreciate some art, remember how awesome science can be, shed a tear or be inspired unexpectedly. And guess what? Initially, Venti did grow quickly,  and I gained a nice little following. And received nothing but positive feedback. But then it tapered off and growth over the past three months has slowed to a crawl. Like a depressed turtle toward a cliff. The slow growth suddenly wasn't enough for me, and I spent more time boosting Venti's social media presence than I did creating original content. About three weeks ago, in the middle of a Twitter tirade, I had an epiphany and realized I needed to shut it down, reassess and take a break.

And on this break, I realized two very simple things:

One, It's not you...it's me. Ventipop is a very cheap therapist for me. These things I discover and post on Ventipop keep ME saner and happier. I mutter less and feel more confident about the world when I share these good things. It's like putting a frame around the chaos. And gives perspective to an abstract world.

Two, not every one gets me and that needs to be okay. I need to embrace the weirdness in me. I'm a strange bird with strange ideas and weird music tastes and an even stranger sense of humor. I hate snark, but damn I love me some sarcasm. I'm this disenchanted, often cynical, anti-social guy who is also a semi-charming, jovial, father of two and husband of one (except in the state of Utah) who is looking for confirmation it's all worthwhile and not completely helpless...but oh yeah, I'm actually pretty happy with my life...most of the time. It's like the Ziggy T-shirt I wore to three consecutive Halloweens as a kid said, "I Gotta Be Me".

So, what's all this mean for Ventipop? Like all the best superhero stories, I'm going back to the origin story. Which means, a slimmer Daily Grind post up every morning Monday - Friday featuring only about six to nine good things each day. Could be anything. I'll do a song just about every day, a long read (ie. Mental Yoga) just about every day and a few products each week. But if it fits the Venti criteria, it could get shared. What's the Venti criteria? 1) Does it make me smile? 2) Does it make me cry? 3) Does it make me think? That's it.

Alright, enough of my yadda-yadda-yadda. Let's hug it out, bitch.


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Laugh. Think. Cry. Daily.

Laugh. Think. Cry. Daily.

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