Hurricane Harvey Brings Out The Best In Humanity

It would be great if human beings
Were great at being human
And if all of mankind
Were made up of kind women and kind men
It would be wonderful if common knowledge
Was knowledge commonly known
And if the light from being enlightened
Into every heart was shown

It would be glorious if neighbors were neighborly
And indifference a forgotten word
It would be awesome if we shared everything
And being greedy was absurd
It would be spectacular if the golden rule
Was golden to every man
And the good things that we ever did
Was everything that we can
— Joe Flach

Aric Harding returned to his Friendswood home to get his children's favorite stuffed animals. Then he sat down and played his flooded piano.

The horror Hurricane Harvey inflicted upon Texas cannot be overstated. Lives lost. Homes submerged. Billions upon billions needed to fully recover. The tragic stories are innumerable and unforgettable. However, in times of crisis, it's the stories of humanity and the coming together to help those in need that always rise to the floodwaters surface. People of all financial and racial backgrounds setting aside all differences and stretching the limits of human ability to reach out and assist strangers in need. This Grind is a collection of Harvey stories that are at once inspiring and heartbreaking.

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  • Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale, owner of Gallery Furniture, invited the displaced to shelter in his stores:

  • This is Houston. Wanna know what this line is for? Food? Water? Housing? Nope. These people are waiting in line TO VOLUNTEER.
  • More videos and photos of tremendous bravery in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's devastation.
  • This policeman worked countless hours helping victims of Hurricane Harvey until he passed out from exhaustion:

Those who search ’round the clock for isolated acts of cruelty and violence to post on social media as proof of what a terrible country this is, are, I hope, just as diligently searching for and posting the thousands of acts of kindness, caring and civic responsibility displayed by ordinary citizens and government (including police, fire, rescue) in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
— Laura Hollis

The Divided States of America - Hurricane Harvey's Lesson in Humanity by Laura Hollis is a terrific, thought-provoking article.


  • "To these amazing guys that helped me and some of my neighbors dogs that I rescued. I was worried there were too many dogs on the boat and it would tip over. I told them I would stay behind and for them to make 2 trips. They said NO we are taking all and you. We had 21 dogs on this boat. No place for any humans on this boat. We had to walk in water over my head to get out."- Betty Walter, Facebook

...The Last Drop

Amanda Palmer Shares New Hurricane Harvey Benefit Song “Drowning in the Sound”. All Proceeds Go to the Texas Diapers Bank.