Head Scratchers, Hair Raisers & Eye Rollers :: Daily Grind #173

It looks like I have a palm tree on top of my head.
— My daughter thinking maybe her new hair-do might instead be a hair-don't

Head Scratchers, Hair Raisers & Eye Rollers :: Daily Grind #173

12 Interesting Things Today

Bored Games - Cross off the board game lover on your list with another awesome Good Games Gift Guide by Matthew Baldwin.

Eye Rollers - Why do teenage girls corner the market on eye rolls...and why do eye rolls piss us off so much?

Strange Hydrangea - Can music help your plants grow? A dentist created a swingin' playlist in the sixties which started the trend of music for plants in the 70's.

Bear of a Day - The next time you think you're having a bad day, think about this guy who got attacked by a bear, survived, but then the bear decided to have seconds.

Tangled Up In Blue - Would you take a loan out for a pair of jeans?

Shared Space Design Strategy

The CTFD Method - The latest parenting trend out there seems one I will fully embrace.

Thanks for the Memoirs - This is truly a brilliant idea.

Arabic Is Haaaaard! - If you want to learn a foreign language, check out this map which ranks the languages for easiest to hardest.

Juuling - The sad, new widespread phenomenon you've probably never heard of.

Bad Hair Day - Thieves stole thousands of dollars of...hair extensions?

The 25 Best Films of 2017?

I don't always 100% agree with David Ehrlich’s annual video countdowns of the year’s best movies, but it's always en fuego entertainment: