Grind #104 :: Art From Every Angle

// Grind #89 :: Art From Every Angle //

Two boys arrived yesterday with a pebble they said was the head of a dog until I pointed out that it was really a typewriter.
— Pablo Picasso
John Wayne Bobbitt action figure sold separately.

When you go away.
— Ed Emberley


  • Nearly as often as I've wondered where in the hell are Donald Duck's pants, I've wondered why so many cartoon characters wear gloves. Apparently, I'm not the only one:

  • Polish photographer Marcin Kaliinski lives and works in Warsaw. Check out his work here. This piece is titled "Lovers #2":
  • A pen and ink drawing three and a half years in the making. Artist Manabu Ikeda's monumental work depicts the destruction, the aftermath and the rebirth of Japan following the 2011 tsunami.

  • The Tilt Brush was an award winner at CES 2017, but could it be the future of art?

...The Last Drop

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