Grind #85 :: Low Flying Jets and Cranberry Sauce...Lighten Up, Francis!


Hope you all bonded with family members this Thanksgiving and no turkey or mashed potatoes were thrown in anger. It was a much needed change of pace and break here in the Ventipop household. But now, I'm back at it full steam bringing you the fun finds on the interwebs today. In this edition of the grind, we have some music from OK Go and Shaina Taub, some articles that have us looking inward instead of outward, a mobile moderator service for any of you who did sling some cranberry sauce at an annoying relative, a list of burgers and dogs and a guy almost loses his head to a low-flying jet. Enjoy Grind #72 :: Low Flying Jets and Cranberry Sauce...Lighten Up, Francis!

  • 4.2 SECOND MUSIC VIDEO :: Ok Go's newest music video, "The One Moment" was shot in 4.2 seconds, but must have required a heck of a lot of planning:
  • BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL LISTEN :: Oftentimes, the most interesting conversations take place in our own heads. A new study on inner speech looks at why humans talk to themselves.
  • DELETE YOURSELF FROM THE INTERNET :: There's a little part in all of us that wants to click a button that would delete our existence from the internet. Now, that button exists.
  • MOBILE MODERATOR :: I know Ellen is joking here, but this might not be such a bad service to have this holiday season:

A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.
— Garrison Keillor

  • THE UNITED STATES OF CHEESEBURGERS :: Bet you can't guess the best burger in all 50 states.
  • KETCHUP IS PISSED OFF :: I've always thought my wife and daughter a wee bit strange for eating their fries with mayonnaise, but apparently there's a pro mayo with fries contingency out there.
  • BUCKET-LIST HOT DOGS? :: Give some love to the best non-politician wieners in America.
  • COUNT STEPS/NOT CALORIES :: Want a simpler, cheaper way to count steps? Say hello to the bizarro Fitbit called the Misfit Flash. It's much less expensive than a Fitbit, tracks your steps and sleep...and the band doesn't suck balls. Click the "Buy On Amazon" button below.

  • DON'T BE BUBBLE BOY :: It's more important than ever for people to consume news from a point of view they may not agree with. The Guardian offers some news resources to help liberals read what conservatives may read. We have to have a healthy media diet in order to not get fat heads from fragmented news. And conservatives should branch out and read some liberal sites too.
  • THE LAST UNKNOWN MAN :: "Early one summer morning, Son Yo Auer, a Burger King employee in Richmond Hill, Georgia, found a naked man lying unconscious in front of the restaurant’s dumpsters. It was before dawn, but the man was sweating and sunburned. Fire ants crawled across his body, and a hot red rash flecked his skin. Auer screamed and ran inside. By the time police arrived, the man was awake, but confused. An officer filed an incident report indicating that a “vagrant” had been found “sleeping,” and an ambulance took him to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah, where he was admitted on August 31, 2004, under the name “Burger King Doe.” Read the full story of the only man ever listed as missing by the FBI even though they knew exactly where he was.
  • WAKE UP AND SMELL THE UKRAINIAN SU-27 :: If this doesn't wake you up, you're dead:

...The Last Drop