Grind #80 :: American Idiocracy. Canadian Bacon. Facebook Play-Doh.

Today, we try and have some honesty with our positivity. I've gone nearly the entire year without talking about the election. It's been a chore somedays to gather happy, positive stories during this election cycle, and nearly impossible since the result came down Tuesday. All anyone wants to talk about is "their side" of things, which is what got us to this divisive spot in the first place. Increasingly in America, we are reluctant to seek out counter-perspectives. We thrive only to have our opinions validated instead of challenged. While I do not agree with everything written in some of the election explanation articles I link to today, I do feel they give a unique insight that I would not have thought of otherwise. They aren't heavy reading. Hell, one of them even has doodle art accompanying the story. And I'm not abandoning the good in the world. I did have to throw in a few Canadian stories, but there's still some good to be found in America. I'm sure of it. Cheers.

2020: An MMA Election

2020: An MMA Election

It's Going to Be OK

Tim Urban over at the "Wait But Why" Blog wrote a humorous and realistic article on coming to terms with the election results; especially if your candidate didn't win.

Come Together, Move Forward Together

In order to truly understand each other, we have to be willing to openly consider other's opinions. Like this guy, who wrote an interesting take on the election: "Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won".

I cheated and went full puppy. Now, smile.

I cheated and went full puppy. Now, smile.

Positivity Police

"Recognition that you are a good person."

"The School of Wants & Needs"

High above the town of Santa Barbara, California sits Midland, a co-ed, prep school that prepares kids for elite colleges. However, the kids of Midland also prep for life by learning to provide their own food, light and heat.

Mr. Robot vs Rubik's Cube

Watch a robot solve a Rubik's Cube in under one second.


An American Werewolf In London is absolutely getting a remake.



A Nation of Play-Doh, Shaped by Facebook

Most of the world loves Facebook. I do not. I believe it's isolating and actually promotes anti-social behavior more so than social behavior. Most Americans state they get the majority of their news on social media. Facebook is by far the largest social media outlet. And having a personalized news feed confirming your every belief and value is awesome. Until you discover that feed is full of bad information.

Oh yeah...and Facebook thinks you're dead.

Finally, the NFL Does Says Something Right

The NFL season has been marred by a significant slippage in ratings, and everyone has been guessing the reasons why. The Election. Colin Kaepernick. Games too long. Refs. But everyone, up until this story had missed the main problem. There are way too many commercials. Now, the NFL says it may eliminate some commercial breaks to woo back viewers. Finally, Goodell says something that makes sense.

More Honest Election Talk From Ernie

...The Last Drop

Just when you think 2016 couldn't get worse, we lose another legend. Goodbye, Leonard Cohen.

leonard cohen.jpg