Grind #74 :: A Spiderweb of Literary Links & Scary Good Books

When you hear the wind, rain and leaves whipping around outside and your house smells like Folgers and Vicks VapoRub had a baby, it's safe to assume Autumn has fully arrived. We're only nine days out from Halloween, and I'm in full fright mode with today's Daily Grind :: A Spiderweb of Literary Links and Scary Good Books.

Little cream, little sugar, little Vicks VapoRub...yum.

Little cream, little sugar, little Vicks VapoRub...yum.

We've got links to book recommendations, author's favorite books, books you can't put down, independent book stores are NOT going down, a bookstore road trip, a stairway to heaven and we kick off Ventipop's Top 25 Scary Book Countdown. Today, we have books #25-21.

Stay inside, huddle up with loved ones this weekend if you can, maybe grab a good book, a cup of coffee and some Vicks and go to town. Enjoy.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

As Hallow's Eve approaches, this is a good list to get us started: "16 Books That Will Give You Nightmares." How many have you read?

Stairway to Bookworm Heaven

A creative mother decorated her staircase with her favorite book covers, and it looks really amazing:

J.K. Rowling Loves This Book

What could be more flattering than receiving a message from J.K. Rowling which reads, "This is the most I've ever laughed out loud at a book." This is the book.

Independently Wealthy

Independent book store openings have risen 21% between the years of 2010-2015. After years of losses and closings, the decimation of the mom and pop corner bookstore are on somewhat of a comeback. Amen. And the very thing that was presumed to be the cause of their extinction, is the very thing that's helping bring them back to life: the Internet.

Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Party Up Top, Library On The Bottom

"There used to be parties in the apartments on the top floors of New York City's branch libraries. On other nights, when the libraries were closed, the kids who lived there might sit reading alone among the books or roll around on the wooden library carts—if they weren't dusting the shelves or shoveling coal. Their hopscotch courts were on the roof. A cat might sneak down the stairs to investigate the library patrons." - From Atlas Obscura: "Inside the New York Public Library's Last, Secret Apartments"


You Had Me At "Bookstore Roadtrip"

From Ojai, California to Charleston, West Virginia and everywhere inbetween. Buzzfeed maps a road trip to 19 Beautiful Bookshops in America.

Black Marks On A White Page

Brainpickings attempts to answer the question, "Why Do We Read?"

The 6-Fingered Man Reads

Actor/Writer/Director/Producer/Genius Christopher Guest dishes on his 10 favorite books.

...The Last Drop

Today, we start our countdown of Ventipop's 25 Scary Good Books.  I'll spoon feed the top 25 in 5 book increments in the next few Grinds heading into Halloween: