Grind #73 :: American Anger, Breaking News and Halloween Haunts

We now live in a world where neither of them have to share a stage hopefully never again. You know what I'm talking about. Today, we move on in the daily grind to stories about America; American anger, breaking news, superheroes, haunts and Halloween. Order yourself a Guzzle Buddy and you're guaranteed to enjoy today's edition of the Grind.

Actual photo of me in the morning.

Actual photo of me in the morning.

  • Where does the anger come from? Despite all economic indicators pointing up, six out of ten Americans feel the country is on the wrong track. The Washington Post canvassed pollsters and other experts to get their opinion on the apparent disconnect.
  • Online readership of the top 51 newspapers in the country have shown little growth in readership since 2007. Politico wonders "What if the Newspaper Industry Made a Colossal Mistake?".
  • The latest craze in digital publishing is dumbing down every story with a video, however there's encouraging evidence that younger consumers still prefer to read their news as opposed to watching their news.
  • Smith, Johnson, Brown, Jones and Williams are the most common last names in America. But what are the most distinctive last names state to state?
  • If you ever witness something and need to go into witness protection and find a new last name, this website is your one-click ticket to the new you.
  • If changing your identity is too hard, grab a Guzzle Buddy and get blind drunk:

  • Curious George always puts a smile on my face. Amazingly, George turned 75 last month. Read this cool story detailing George's origin story including the facts George was originally called Fifi and George may not exist at all if not for Nazis.
  • On Friday, another sharply drawn character turns 75 years old. In 1943, Wonder Woman issue No. 7 showed the character on the cover running for president. Of course, there was a sign on the cover clarifying "1000 Years in the Future". As America may be on the verge of electing its first female president, Wonder Woman has been a female force for good for over seven decades. But I agree with the NY Times, it's time she ditches the bathing suit.
Imagine what that magic lasso could do to politicians.

Imagine what that magic lasso could do to politicians.

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